XLBK/Mosae's Fixed Her Crown - Rani

Rani is our lilac tri-coloured daughter of Rip Blueberry’s Grizz x Topdog’s Lila Rose. Rani is our little body builder, white front, thick bone and an amazing head. She is the most lazy dog we have but loves to play with other dogs. She is the most tolerant dog of them all, she’s so sweet! But don’t expect her to run after a ball more then twice, you’ll probably need to get it yourself haha!

Health tested: Embark tested (CRD4 carrier), Hips (OFA GOOD) & Elbows, Patella (NORMAL), Spine (NORMAL) and Shoulders (NORMAL) tested. CARDIAC & BAER tested and cleared!


Mosae's Made You Look - Euphoria

Euphoria is our black ghost tri-coloured daughter of Topdog’s King Khan x Ch Fendi. Euphoria has a classy and clean body and is a major improvement of her momma Fendi. Her daddy gave her a thick booty and body. Her piercing bright eyes make you look twice but don’t let her fierce look fool you, she is a real goofy sweetheart!

Health tested: Embark tested (clear), Hips (OFA GOOD), Elbows Normal, Shoulders, Spine & Patella normal. Full Dentition. CARDIAC & BAER tested and cleared!


Mosae's Made A Scene - Billie Jean

Billie is our Choco tri-coloured daughter of Coak’s Cientos (Rampage) x Mosae’s Gioia di Vivere. Billie is the third generation in our kennel. She is a little goofball just like her mother and grandmother. The breeding she came from had as goal to improve chest structure and make the body overall shorter.

Health tested: Embark tested (CRD4 carrier). CARDIAC & BAER tested and cleared!


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